We’re proud of the work we’ve done … and our clients are pleased with our work, too
  • “I wanted to take a moment and thank Seacom for all your hard work on our security camera project.  Everything is perfect.  Your guys yesterday really took their time to make sure all interested parties were happy.  You guys are welcome to do work on our campus and day of the week.”

    IT Director
    Appomattox Regional Governor's School

  • Dillion and Chris followed directions and communicated really well.  For any issues they are unsure of they immediately call and ask for guidance and wanted to ensure they are doing it the way we would.  Arrived on time every day and obviously have the necessary skills.  The guys have been comfortable with giving them a job and they take care of it, no hand holding.  Overall, the guys have been very impressed and would definitely have them back again.

    IT Operations
    Liberty University

  • “Guys did an amazing job today with everything.  Wiring, TV’s faceplates, cubes, everything outstanding. Really good work!! Top shelf!”

    Facilities Director
    Nova Aquatics

  • Rob, I could not have been more pleased with the gentlemen you sent. A pleasure to work with and so very courteous, professional and easy to work with. I will certainly recommend that Seacom be considered for any future work we might need.

    IT Director
    Schools Division

  • “I just wanted to let you know that Brandon and his assistant did an excellent job on this last assignment!  They worked fast and provided excellent customer service.  They made sure they understood the assignment and double checked their work.  I was very impressed!  And as always, Chris was wonderful too!”

    Vice President of IT
    Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority

  • “Thanks so much for all your assistance in getting this project completed.  I appreciate your team and everything you do.  I’ll reach back out when I’m ready for the next one”

    Director of IT
    Farmington Country Club

  • “I rely heavily on vendors, and I set the bar high. When I approach Seacom with a request, they offer multiple creative solutions, which is very helpful to me. I just don’t have the staff or expertise to cover everything internally, and Seacom is very dependable, resourceful, and professional”

    IT Manager
    St. Christophers School

  • “Because of Collegiate’s size, partnering with Seacom is ideal. We do not have the internal expertise needed for each job; that’s why we count on Seacom. They really are our Technology Departments 7th staff member, and we consider them a part of the Collegiate IT team. We lean on Seacom as an expert and as a partner, especially in the consulting phase of a project, in return they work dilegently on our behalf”

    IT Manager