Downtime and repairs are costly, so we’ll work with you to make sure your systems are in perfect order

Service Agreements

Since you depend on your communication systems, we’ll keep them in good working order, reduce downtime, and maximize your return on investment under your Service Agreement. Our trained professionals will maintain and update as needed, and your normal service and repair costs will be covered.

Maintenance Agreements

Seacom can also set you up with a Maintenance Agreement tailored to your specific needs, and covering anything from service calls to training. What’s more, your agreement makes you a preferred customer, eligible for discounts of up to 10% on new equipment and installation. Our services include …

Service calls. All it takes is a single call to Seacom, and we’ll diagnose and repair or replace equipment covered at no additional charge. Call us during business hours and a technician will arrive within 4 hours. And if you leave a message with our auto-attendant after hours, you’ll get a call back from a customer service representative by 8 a.m. the following business day to schedule a technician.

Preventive maintenance and tune-up service. Seacom schedules an annual visit to your site at no additional charge to inspect your system’s components and accessories and to install software updates. If we find a problem or a potential one, we can make corrections before a failure occurs.

Support line. You’ll have unlimited telephone support under your Maintenance Agreement if you need assistance or have questions about your system’s operation or programming. Just call us during business hours, and if your system allows remote programming, we’ll quickly make the changes you need without a site visit.

On-site training. Your Maintenance Agreement also includes 4 hours per year of training at no additional charge – perfect when you hire new staff, or need a refresher on getting the most from your communications systems.