From initial installations to inevitable upgrades, we’ll help your communications stay productive

Today’s affordable and functional telephone technology can improve productivity, increase sales and make your organization more efficient. Seacom can update your telecommunications with complete systems, or with paging, cell phones, cell phone amplification and Blue Tooth technology.

We can offer you complete systems in both IP and digital platforms. We’ll design, install and maintain everything to fill your current and future needs.

We recommend ESI telephone systems

With their combination of reliability, features and user-friendliness, ESI is the choice of many of our customers. ESI systems include …

  • Extensive expandability, with up to 1,128 call-processing ports and up to 1,200 hours of voice storage, along with support for t1, ISDN PRI, and TAPI computer/telephone integration.
  • You can link up to 100 IP-enabled ESI systems across a WAN while sharing advanced features.
  • ESI Presence Management incorporates an innovative combination of RF scanning technology in a system that offers presence indication, personal call routing, access control and documented tracking of users’ work hours and attendance history.
  • ESI system users can manage mail, contacts and telephone programming with Microsoft Outlook.

We’d be happy to tell you about many more advanced features, too.

And for smaller applications …

Seacom also works with IVX S-Class Generation II, intended for simpler applications. It grows to 16 CO lines, 32 digital stations and eight analog stations. And it uses the same digital feature phones as the ESI system, making it easy to upgrade as your company grows.

Take a look at the latest products we’ve found to solve your telephone needs:

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