With growing applications for wireless technologies, we keep your organization out in front

Today, many businesses rely on wireless Internet connections … for their employees and often for their customers, too. And other uses in business, medicine, education, manufacturing and warehousing are expanding rapidly, including tracking inventory with mobile scanners.

Wireless communication makes collaboration much easier in today’s mobile and modular work environments, and keeps workers constantly in touch. So it’s important to have proper design, planning and installation for reliability, and Seacom can help you with all of that.

Site Surveys

We can survey your site’s network and wireless links to make sure you’re getting the required connectivity. Typically, we’ll do radio testing to determine the type, quantity, and locations of wireless equipment needed. And then we do a physical inspection, which documents the additional facilities, network switches, network cabling and electrical wiring needed. Then you’ll receive a report detailing the survey results.

Installation and Maintenance Services

If needed, we can professionally install radios, antennas, networking cabling and electrical wiring to support connectivity, whether provided by end users or integrators. And we also provide maintenance services for repair or replacement of damaged equipment, or to troubleshoot coverage problems or down links.

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