Leading edge solutions to protect your property … and your staff and customers, too

It’s important to protect your business from intrusion and theft, and to keep your customers and employees safe. Recording cameras, CCTV, access control and motion detectors by themselves tend to act as psychological deterrents to “security events.” And beyond that, they can detect an event, notify you and the authorities, and record it as it unfolds.

The licensed security professionals at Seacom can start by controlling access to specific areas without having to re-key locks. And we can plan, design and install additional measures that include …

  • CCTV cameras
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Digital video recorders
  • IP-Accessible digital video recorders
  • Card readers

We’ll work with you to address your specific concerns while avoiding privacy issues. And Seacom is licensed by the Private Security Section (PSS) of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice (DCJS), which is involved in all aspects of registration, certification and licensure for the industry.

Take a look at the latest product we’ve found to solve your security needs:

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Video Surveillance

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Affordable Access Control


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